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This is our official organic product from the Philippines which we use for our treatments. You can also purchase these products not just for treatment but for souvenirs as well.

JoJoba Oil
JoJoba Oil

Pure Jojoba Oil (30 ml) 395 pesos

■ 100% Organic Golden Jojoba Oil
・ It is cold pressed which means that the nutrients and ingredients are extracted using very minimal heat.
・ Golden jojoba oil is rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins and nutrients that enhance skin metabolism.
■ The structure of jojoba oil is similar to human sebum so it is absorbed well in the skin and has excellent moisturizing ability.
■ It is also effective in preventing anti-aging and skin problems.

♢ Effect on scalp & hair

■ Protects the hair from external stimuli such as UV rays and the heat of the sun.
■ Prevents damaged hair from drying and gives natural gloss.
【How to us】 Take an appropriate amount before using the hair dryer. Apply to hair starting at the middle down to the hair tip (the area of concern for damage).

▶ Because it is rich in vitamin E, using it as an oil for scalp massage etc. promotes metabolism, removes dirt from pores and conditions the scalp.
※Condition of the scalp: Effective in preventing dandruff, bad smell and hair loss.
【How to use】 Apply pure jojoba oil on to dry hair before shampoo or wet hair with hot water, and gently massage the scalp.

♢ Effect on skin

▶ By using it for cleansing the skin, it suppresses the growth of bacteria and protects the skin.
【How to use】 Remove makeup with any makeup remover product, add the oil and massage gently. After that, wash your face and rinse well.

▶ The skin will even more improve if you add jojoba oil before your skin care regimen.
【How to use】 Before using your regular lotion, take a small amount of jojoba oil and gently massage it to the entire face. After that, proceed with your usual skin care.

※ Note: In winter (less than 10 degrees), the oil solidifies. But it can be warmed up by filling a bowl of hot water and then place the bottle of jojoba oil in the water until it melts. It doesn’t degrade the ingredients of the product.

JoJoba Oil
₱ 395

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