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Luxury Flower Bath

  120 minutes   10:00AM ~ 7:30PM
Foot scrub & Skin care (20 min)
Aroma oil massage or Dry massage (60 min)
Facial care & Head massage (20 min)
Flower bath (20 min)
Complimentary drink
4,400 Pesos

This package is recommended for women and couples. You will have a full body massage, a foot scrub and a facial care. To make the experience more romantic for couples, the flower bath in a completely private room is the best way to end a full body treatment. For women, a flower bath after a massage will most definitely let her feel relaxed and fresh. For the full body treatment, you have the option to choose from a dry massage (Shiatsu) or aroma oil massage. There are 6 kinds of scent to choose from.

※ Minimum reservation is 2 persons. Maximum is 6 persons.
※ Room is good for 2 persons. If more than 2, the others will be in another room.
※ You can choose oil or dry massage on the day.


Can I use Japanese language?
Yes, there is a Japanese staff who is always in the spa. ※ If they are not around, we wil respond by phone.
Our therapists can understand simple Japanese words such as the strength of the massage (strong, weak, painful) and the room temperature (hot and cold) during the treatment.
Are our Therapists Women?
Yes, our spa therapists are all women. We have a large number of licensed therapists so we can accommodate you for a treatment.
Can I receive treatment during menstruation?
Yes, but do take note to wear your sanitary pad a little bit higher or wear an overnight pad.
Can I receive treatment during pregnancy?
As a general rule, we only accept massage after the 16th week of pregnancy.
However, pregnancy massage can be a little different to the standard massage.
Can children receive treatment?
There is no age restriction. But as a rule, massages can only be accepted for children who can be treated quietly with their parents. If you have any other questions or requests, please feel free to contact us.
Do you have a kids room?
Yes. We have one Filipino sitter for each family. Please inform us in advance if you wish to use the Kids Room.
Can I take a shower before and after massage?
Yes, you can directly come to the spa after your marine activity and take a shower before performing the treatment. During the reservation, kindly fill in the remarks if you wish to use the shower.
Can I visit with makeup on?
Yes, we will prepare cleansing oil, cleansing water, facial cleansing foam, skin lotion, milky lotion and etc.
What will I wear during the treatment?
Depending on the treatment. For oil massage, paper shorts will be provided. For dry massage, regular shorts will be provided.
Can I use a credit card?
Yes. Please take note that 5% of the total amount is separately charged as a fee.
Can you pick me up?
Yes, Mactan Island is free of charge. We can also pickup at Cebu City and Cordova for a fee.
・ 1 Person 2,200 pesos (roundtrip)
・ 2 persons 1,100 pesos (roundtrip) X number of person
If you are from Cordova or Cebu City, you may avail the free pickup services at our designated areas.
・ Cebu city area: Free transfer up to Island Central Mall → From there Taxi to Cebu City
・ Cordova: Free transfer up to J PARK Hotel → From there, Taxi to Cordova